Abortions? Just when you think you can’t try anymore, something magical can happen.

Ingram Woolf, 44, had always dreamed of having a large family. After a long run trying to conceive, finally gave birth to her first child after 18 abortions.

Due to the bad shape of her womb, she could not have children.

After more than two decades, she gave birth to her first child after 18 abortions. Her first baby is now one year old and she says she couldn’t be happier because although she has no family she has always loved, she has at least one baby.

“I’ve always wanted to have a big family and even though I was going through a lot of abortions, it only increased my desire to have children,” she said. After going through 18 failures, I simply kept trying and hoping to one day have a small family. Learn more if pregnancy after abortion is possible through this link here. /mommytobe.se


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