Best age to get pregnant

Being able to create life is without a doubt one of the most beautiful gifts women give. Basically, the optimal time for a woman to become pregnant is when she is ready. Ready physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially and this time varies widely from woman to woman.

To help you determine which age might be best for you to get pregnant, we asked experts and real mothers to share their past and experienced thoughts for any age range.

Best age to get pregnant

Before you are 20 years old

Of course, this young range is not ideal for most women, but there is no denying that you are the most fertile you will ever be at this mature age. “You are also likely to have a lower weight to reduce the risks of pregnancy complications, such as gestational diabetes and hypertension,” explains Dr. McDonald.

“Ironically, preeclampsia levels are higher in the extremities of the ages – teens, and women in their late 30s and early 40s, so if you are under 20, you are at risk.”

Between 20-24

Most women at this age are still very fertile. Finance can still be a common burden, as most men and women in their early 20s are still studying.

Between 25-29

Medical talk is the same in terms of the pros and cons of getting pregnant in your mid-20s. Most women still have a 25 percent chance of getting a pregnancy every month.

Between 30-34

In terms of benefits, getting pregnant in the early ’30s allows women a significant amount of time to enjoy their adulthood, explore their careers, and get to know each other. with themselves. /mommytobe


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