Pregnancy comes with a package of pregnancy benefits – in addition to sleep. Some of these benefits can last a lifetime.

Pregnancy benefits

So beyond morning sickness, mood swings, increased appetite, heightened sense of smell, and so on. Here are more reasons to celebrate pregnancy: Gaining weight during pregnancy has an additional advantage. Studies suggest that the extra pounds you gain during pregnancy make your bones stronger, especially in the pelvic area. Extra weight can also make your thigh muscles stronger, by reducing the likelihood of a fracture of the foot or thigh in later life by forty-four percent.

Certainly, with pregnancy, you also get an awareness of what you consume and what you do. You are going to be able to quit smoking, unlike non-pregnant women who may need rehabilitation to quit smoking. Minimizing your drinking will be another thing too.

You will return to a healthy diet for many months to come, this time in order to take good care of your baby from the time he is in your womb. Believe it or not, you can do much better than women who are not pregnant with fitness.

Pregnant women have a high metabolism which comes with other pregnancy benefits. Their aerobic capacity increases by thirty percent and their breasts pump twice the regular amount of blood. The phenomenon lasts for several months after birth, so if your fitness trends can be transmitted through pregnancy to the postpartum period, you may remain stronger than ever. /mommytobe


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