Is better sex the answer?

Couples who are ‘struggling’ to have children simply need to have more sex, says a fertility expert.

The lack of constant sex is one of the most common problems why couples cannot have children. According to Dr. Geetha Venkat, a gynecologist.

Busy couples tend to have intercourse at the time of ovulation, but they don’t realize they’re wrong. They think they can predict when a woman can be more fertile, failing to get pregnant, she warns.

There are many factors that affect your ability to get pregnant, including:

– Infections are a potential factor. During the presence of infections, it is necessary for both partners to receive therapy.

– Structural uterus defects and endometrial polyps.

– Thermophiles are disorders in the patient’s coagulation system, they can be innate and acquired. They are also due to high blood pressure in pregnancy and intrauterine bans.

– A very important cause is also genetic predisposition. The cause of repeated failures may also be the breakdown of thyroid function, non-regulation of diabetes, ovarian police syndrome, and lifestyle disorders, less sex.

– Patients with reduced ovarian function are also part of the risk group.

– Environmental ones as well as many other factors.

It is possible that surgery, genetic counseling, or assisted reproduction technology could improve your chances of getting pregnant. Although there is usually no medical reason to delay trying to get pregnant again, you may want to seek the support of a qualified therapist to deal with emotions and address any anxiety or depression you may have. Sex helps here too.

Couples must have sex the day before and a day after “ovulation time”. This is due that sperm needs to be flat one day to reach the ovaries.

Sex will also assure you that there is always a supply of good sperm in the uterus, which is ready to reach the egg and create a baby. /


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