You will need a cut for a c-section and leave a mark behind. Your medical team will give you instructions on how to care for your incision through the healing stages to reduce the risk of complications.

Learn what to expect and what you can do to prevent irritation or possible infection of the caesarean section

What type of abdominal incision will be used during surgery?

You can ask your doctor what type of abdominal incision will be used, which will determine the type of wound you will have. A horizontal incision is the most common type used which results in less bleeding. Vertical cuttings are very rare, but they were the original type of cuttings used before and are sometimes called classical cuttings. Also, this type of incision is known as the vertical midline. Used only in extreme circumstances.

What should I do if I have pain in the incision site?

Pain is common in the first few days after your surgery. Your doctor will prescribe pain medication when appropriate. There are some warning signs that indicate that you have complications with your incision, such as redness or swelling around the incision, as well as extreme or exacerbating pain. These can be signs of infection that need immediate care.

Is it normal to have cracks around the incision site?

It is normal to experience itching during the healing process. Be careful about scratches as you should avoid infection.

What should I do if the wound around the c-section gets frustrated?

Be sure to keep your c-section cut clean and dry. You can also use gauze or cotton to cleanse the skin area. For several months, try to avoid clothing that hangs directly above your C-section cut.

How long does such intervention require to be cured?

You will notice that the area around c-section cuts slowly, so slowly that you may not notice the change on a daily basis. You can take pictures to see how the healing process looks over time. At first, the healing process is quite quick and the daily changes can be noticed. After that, you may not see the subtle changes as noticeable.

The time it takes to heal a c-section incision varies from woman to woman. Sometimes there are considerations that will slow or hinder your recovery, such as poor nutrition, infection, etc. Staying healthy and eating well will help your body do its job. /mommytobe


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