All pediatricians support it: even a newborn baby a few weeks can go out in the fresh air. Not only that they can, but it is advisable.

Cold weather walks

If you give birth to a baby during winter, nothing stops you and your baby from making a beautiful soothing walk. Getting out of the house with the youngest is a weapon against postnatal melancholy. This makes you feel less alone and isolated.

If it is cold outside, the main concern of the mother is the possibility that the child may become ill. In reality, except for frosts, winter is maneuverable with a stroller. It is important to learn to dress appropriately for the newborn and to have everything he or she needs. This applies also to the comfort of the mother.

Some tips for cold weather walks

Cotton Clothing

A common mistake of young mothers with their first child is to wear it with canvas or body wool or elastic. Although rare now, bodybuilders are still very heavy and are at risk of sweating the newborn. In these times, be careful to use only cotton and linen. These ingredients help with ventilation and keep the skin dry, avoiding even the slightest irritation.

Baby towels

Compared to microscopic jeans and equally small blouses, classic towels with towels are child-friendly and give the baby a glamorous look. But when it comes to babies, the focus is on comfort. The classic toilet paper towel keeps it warm without introducing air and sweating. If it is really cold, you can wear a sports shirt with a cotton hood, but not too thick.

Baby body sweatshirt

Schools of thought, or mothers’ preferences, are two: some prefer body sweatshirts with baby buckles, while others prefer baby straps with baby luggage outside and cotton inside. The latter has the advantage that the child does not bother and does not cry when he enters, because he is not dressed.

Baby stroller or Body Holder

When the weather is very cold, the stroller gives the idea of ​​better protection for the child from the wind and the weather. This is thanks to the stroller construction where the lying baby is protected and covered on all sides. But, unlike the usual thought of the mass, even in winter the holder in front of the mother is comfortable and guarantees warmth to the baby.

Baby best tips

In this case, it is best to wear it with a slim-body jacket. Never forget the cappuccino and gloves, although the latter is destined to end up on the ground within seconds. After all, the mattress in front of the mother is ideal for rainy or snowy weather as it makes it easier for the mother to hold the tent.

Baby maternal Hands Care

It almost always happens: when you take care of a newborn, you forget yourself. And if it gets too cold, it is common for mothers to go out without gloves. You then push the cart with two pieces of ice instead of your hands. In these cases, the rescue kit is essential. What kind of stuff do you fill? With a spare baby cap (if you drop it), a small umbrella, a rain cape, and a pair of mummy gloves. /mommytobe



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