You have a baby and you have problems with feces … You are not alone. Everything changes after you have a baby writes VeryWellFamily and this includes your bowel movements. Organs are shifting, hormones are fluctuating, and eventually, your uterus is shrinking back to its usual size.

Generally speaking, all of these factors can completely exclude bowel movements from noise. (And to be honest, after what you’ve just been through to give birth, you’re nervous about enduring any other trauma). Christine Masterson, a doctor and chief of women’s and children’s services at Summit Medical Group in New Jersey, says problems with excrement are common among postpartum women.

“So many things affect postnatal bowel movements, including hormones, food, and drink,” she explains. “An infection, a virus, or a reaction to antibiotics used in the hospital can all affect bowel movements as well.”

Why does the birth process affect bowel movements?

There are physiological, environmental, and psychological reasons why the first few days (after birth) you have problems with your bowel: Body changes.

Uterine contractions

After you give birth, your uterus begins to shrink back to its normal size. To do this, says Dr. Masterson, it contracts and creates cramps, which can cause loose or more frequent excrement.

Pelvic changes

Basically, the process of giving birth to a baby stretches the muscles in your pelvic floor. Additionally, this can also cause changes in the rectum – more feces can be collected in your intestines before they are finally expelled.

Stress hormones

Dr. Masterson says cortisol can cause constipation or diarrhea, depending on the person (and being a new mom brings a lot of anxiety… and a lot of cortisol!).


Finally, pushing the baby through the birth canal at birth can leave you with a bad case of hemorrhoids and a desire to have that first bowel movement after birth, which leads to constipation. /mommytobe


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