Let the kids get dirty but hand hygiene always in the bag, the house smelling good, the floors smooth and shiny, so use any detergent possible.

Cleanliness fanatics at all costs are many, but this is not a virtuous habit as thought. A study published in the British New Scientist says there is also “pure purity” that is reflected in various ways

According to the study, living in an environment at the margins of germ deficiency is detrimental to our immune system. This especially to kids who need to be taught how to respond properly to external stimuli.

Children of microbial parents, who clean everything possible around the baby have the ability of their immune system to respond abnormally to substances that are normal for others. Thus by increasing the chance of developing allergies.

“It’s not about living in the dirt, but about letting kids get in touch with germs, getting dirty during play, or staying in the open air,” says immunologist Angelo Vacca.

But even for adults, it is no exaggeration. “Being maniacal, one who washes his hands with hygienic, always passing alcohol on all possible surfaces creates some kind of ‘immune discovery’. There is a danger of lack of strong protection to deal with bacteria and aggressive viruses, but we can become more susceptible and have infections, “says Vacca.

A study by New Scientist says overuse of antibacterial-containing products increases the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics. Attacking the germs changes to become more resistant and then more difficult to fight.

But the exception to this rule of being manic of cleanliness in the kitchen. The work desk and sink should be washed daily with alcohol-based products. This because after cooking there is a greater concentration of germs. Moreover, the dishwashing sponge needs to be changed or sanitized frequently, as it is a small “bomb” of germs.

One tip, choose natural detergents. /mommytobe


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