Raising a baby is a beautiful experience, but also very stressful for the body. Mothers are usually advised to return to “normal” within 6 weeks after birth. But this does not seem to be the case.

A new study has found that women need much more time to recover after they have given birth.

University in England has interviewed women in various stages of the postpartum period. She has found that the standard 6-week period is a myth and that women need up to a full year to recover from childbirth.

It is not just physical but also mental recovery. Many women feel pressured to get up once they give birth, and may even have to return to work immediately after 6 weeks. – said, Wray. Wray suggests that recovery should begin at the hospital. Most women in the US go home from the hospital 6 hours after birth.

Earlier, but also elsewhere in the world, women spend more time in the hospital. Whether learning how to take care of their babies or getting breastfeeding advice. Postpartum recovery is different for every woman, but the general consensus is that a full year to heal the body and mind is much better than just a month and a half.  /mommytobe


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