Child jealousy is a phenomenon that many parents encounter during their upbringing and is considered a behavior that stems from some wrongdoing that parents do. Being like this is the time to change.

Some of your behaviors must be changed in order to manage jealousy among children in the right way!

1-You protect the kid a lot, even more than you should and it makes it possible for him to feel scary in front of another child. This in some cases brings jealousy.

2-You have a very authoritarian behavior. That’s another mistake you make. Do not set strict rules without giving an explanation of why it should be so, otherwise your child will grow up being unsure of himself and will therefore develop feelings of jealousy of others.

3-Never compare your kid to someone else. This is a very dangerous act that always causes the child to develop jealousy within himself. Don’t create an unhealthy competition in your child.

4-Don’t create an unhealthy competition in your kid. So don’t try to increase the results of his work by creating a bad competition with other children. One child has a talent different from the other and you should not insist that he do all things the same with the other children you know.

5-Don’t base on your children’s age. So you shouldn’t give more attention to the little child as jealousy can appear in the big one. And vice versa. You always judge and share things the right way. /


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