Women who have given birth to a baby should wait at least a year before a new pregnancy. This reduces the risks to the mother and the unborn baby.

This is the result of a study by the University of British Columbia. The research is based on data from almost 150,000-second pregnancies. This estimates the interval compared to the first and outcomes regarding maternal and child health.

According to the study, small risks occur with a distance between two pregnancies between 12 and 18 months. Before and after they are higher. If they wait just six months, for example, the probability of death or serious injury to the mother is 1.2% and that of preterm birth by 8.5%, while after the year, up to 0, 5%, and 3.7%, respectively. Problems for the newborn occur in 2% of cases, if they wait 6 months, and fall to 1.5% after 12 months. The data is reassuring, especially for women who have their first child after the age of 35.

A short distance between the two pregnancies also offers benefits for the growth of two siblings. This favors the tendency, as they grow, to build healthy relationships. However, the decision to have a second child has to be taken into account in terms of several factors: mother’s age, work plans, economic opportunities, etc. /mommytobe


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