Normal vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge can sometimes expose your health. This discharge is your body’s genital way of keeping your vagina clean and lubricated.

Although it may seem mysterious, it’s actually just a mixture of cells & fluid from your vagina and mucus from your cervix. Removal is the way the vagina cleanses itself. Staying hydrated and protected from infection and irritation, according to the Mayo Clinic.

There is a normal range of what is medically allowed and what should cause you alarm. This varies from woman to woman, mostly based on the cycle of ovulation.

White odorless

This discharge is normal and means that everything is fine. The lack of smell can lead you to know what your vaginal discharge could mean.

Thick white curd consistency

Your discharge can change within a month. A clear sign of a vaginal yeast infection is the consistency of curds.

White, yellow, or gray

Fishy smell, constant itching, and swelling.

All these and the color change indicate danger. If you notice that your vaginal discharge has these elements, it may be time to seek medical advice.

Yellow or green vaginal discharge

If you have noticed the movement of vaginal discharge from normal white, odorless to yellow-green with a bad smell, things are not normal.

Brown or bloody vaginal discharge

It’s a common occurrence for you to notice in your laundry liners. Irregular periods are a factor.

You might see infection symptoms appear in less than a week


A sexually transmitted infection like gonorrhea is the problem. Every time you visit the bathroom, be sure to check the color and smell of your vaginal discharge.

No amount of vaginal fluids is considered normal for everyone. Don’t worry if it looks like more or less discharge than someone else, someone sweats more and someone doesn’t. /mommytobe


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