If it were up to her, Rihanna would follow a horrible diet. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the singer confessed the ‘dark secret’ that on her tour bus and in the dressing room, there is only packaged food.

“I was at the gym every day of this week because I’m not ready to give up food, but I can sacrifice an hour a day for the gym,” the singer said in an interview with Vanity Fair. But, apart from this diet, Riri manages to always look in great shape. And the secret behind it, has been revealed by her personal boss Debbie Solomon.

Rihanna loves foods rich in nutritional value, and if she is going to put calories in her body, she makes sure to be for a food that is worth it. Does not like strict diets, or deciding at the beginning of the week what foods to eat in the following days.
She likes to trust her instincts when it comes to cooking and her favorite continue to be the traditional Barbados dishes.
The music star starts the day with four boiled eggs, a slice of toast and fruit. “Egg white, pineapple and warm water with lemon.”
Chicken with spices and onion and tomato sauce is Rihanna’s favorite dish, as her boss has shown. The 33-year-old has admitted that at lunch she likes to eat fish with vegetables, even though she hates vegetables, but forces herself to eat them.
Dinner is easier for the “Work” star. Fish with salad or vegetables, so it manages to preserve the excellent shapes that leave us speechless every time we see it on stage. Take a note of these recommendations and suggestions from Rihanna and you will have ideal body. Who does not love Rihanna in the end of the day and want to be like her? /mommytobe.se


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