Living in a world of cultural pluralism, it is perfectly normal for some questions essentially considered strange to be asked. One of those is also how you breastfeed your baby.

One of them is whether you give your friend or any of the family to breastfeed your child.

The benefits of breastfeeding to stillborn babies are numerous ranging from a low incidence of infection in the ear to weight loss in mothers. Babies born early do have not even a very developed third system, so breast milk is the perfect food for their small belly writes VeryWell Family, the Shneta Newspaper reports.

Studies show that stillborn babies digest breast milk better than formula. This is because breast milk contains protein and carbohydrate fat. Therefore, as a result of these benefits, breast milk manages to protect your baby from:

Infections: carbohydrates in breast milk help prevent bacteria.

Protects against specific diseases: breastfeeding not only protects babies born precociously from general diseases, but research shows that breast milk reduces the risk of certain specific conditions in a stillborn baby.

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association shows that breastfeeding can reduce the risks of heart disease and stroke. Among other things, research published in the journal Maternal and Child Health has shown that breastfeeding women were about 50 percent less likely to fall into depression than mothers who did not breastfeed their children.

Breastfeed your baby. But how is this considered, is it harmful to the baby?

In fact, every time your child is breastfeeding from another mother you expose it to the possibility of infection. It’s much safer to use a bottle of formula.

This is because dangerous diseases can be transmitted. Those diseases often know how to be quite threatening to the baby’s health through breastfeeding.

On the other hand, you need to know the medical history of the person feeding your baby, so that you are sure there is no danger in this respect.

But before you make any decision, you have to talk to your doctor. /


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