Thousands of children are not getting enough sleep and are constantly increasing their risk of being overweight.

A survey by the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) of more than 6,000 children, found that 32% of elementary school and 70% of high school students spend less than nine hours a night. Nine hours is the amount recommended.

Half of those in high school also reported falling asleep at least once during the night. The survey also analyzed the eating habits of these children. They found that one in 10 high school students and one in 10 elementary school students do not eat breakfast due to sleep problems.

Thus, most of them lack essential nutrients. This because only 18% of high school students, reported consuming fruits or vegetables as part of their first meal of the day. 59% of high school students and 49% of elementary school students, said they use electronic devices before going to bed, which has led scientists to believe that electronic devices are the culprit of poor sleep quality.

Lack of sleep and poor quality of sleep has a negative impact on the way young people are fed because they tend to consume more calories and more unhealthy foods.

It is worth noting that even previous studies have shown that lack of sleep makes you physically weaker, and more at risk of being overweight. /mommytobe


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