If you gave birth to at least one child in the hospital, you know that the first few nights can be very difficult. There are many benefits for both mother and birth from sleeping in the same room. Despite hospitals following the old practice, that of leaving babies in a special room for them.

It depends on whether you give birth naturally or if you have had birth complications. After an uncomplicated birth, you are likely to stay in the hospital for 24 to 48 hours. You have to rest and wait for the anesthesia to disappear.

The doctor should monitor you and your baby for the first day or more. This helps make sure there is no problem.

Women are released from the hospital too quickly after birth. Some within just two hours of their child’s birth.

Staying in the hospital longer or not?

Many mothers reported they were in a difficult state, trying to take care of their newborns when they went home.

The study of about 500 women, conducted by the Royal College of Moms (RCM), also showed that some of the mothers experienced the shock so traumatic that they incited postnatal depression.

Over a third of the midwives surveyed said they did not have enough time to get through basics like food, bathing, and breastfeeding by mothers.

Final thoughts

If you want to go out sooner than 24 hours after birth, talk to your doctor. If you opt for an early exit, you should take your child to see a doctor within two or three days of leaving the hospital.

“Women with complications may need to stay longer”  After cesarean delivery, your doctor will want to make sure you can do it yourself before going home for example: Walk to the bathroom -Urinate -Eat and drink without vomiting. The medical staff will also ensure that your child is in good health to leave. /mommytobe.se


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