We all know how delicious and useful this natural ingredient is. Honey, extracted from nectar, is one of nature’s best gifts and can improve a child’s health in many amazing ways.

Hone comes with amazing medical properties that can really help us, but it is we do not recommend it for babies less than a year old.

Sure, it’s natural and there are plenty of good things, but your baby isn’t ready for it. This is mainly because honey has something called the dormant endospore of a bacterial species known as Clostridium botulism, which can be toxic and cause problems for babies.

Different types of honey can be used, such as manuka honey, which is found in New Zealand. Although there are many benefits, it is best to keep all types of honey away from children under the age of one.

Health benefits of honey for children

Honey has many amazing benefits for the growth and development of children as:

1) Vitamins and mineralsĀ 

It has many minerals that are extremely useful for children. It can be used in various recipes or also given directly to children.

2) Protects the liverĀ 

This ingredient has properties that actually help the liver control blood sugar levels. (good for the liver, but does not help control sugar levels)

3) Healing features

It has many wonderful healing properties as it helps cough and cool, blood sugar, and even heal wounds and burns.

4) It helps with a sore throat

This ingredient is one of the most common natural remedies for sore throat. It is used in Ayurveda and other natural remedies in various forms to cure sore throats. /mommytobe


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