The typical duration of a menstrual cycle is 28 to 32 days. Some women have a longer or shorter cycle, so the exact time of ovulation may change.

Here we will show you a typical 28-day menstrual cycle.

Day 1

Your cycle begins on the first day of blood flow.

Days 2– 14

The glands in the ovaries become active and the fallopian tubes begin to thin.

Day 14

Ovulation occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle but can vary between days 11 and 21 of the cycle. Increased estrogen levels will cause an increase in LH, which causes the ovulate gland and the release of an egg. It is important to measure your body temperature, this way you will know when you are ovulating, explains

Days 15-22

Before the menstrual cycle, and short after releasing an egg, the gland produces progesterone, which thickens and approaches the uterus for transplantation.

Days 23-24

These days the implantation of a fertilized egg can also take place. At this point, pregnancy-produced hormones can be detected by means of a pregnancy test.

Days 25-28

If pregnancy does not occur, hormone levels begin to fall and the body resumes functioning for the next cycle. /mommytobe


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