Although she’s a famous mother, the actress, Mila Kunis, makes heavy mistakes like every mother with her child.

Well, one of the scarier ones is about Maxi-Cosi in the car.

In an interview with American media, beautifying Mila Kunis told about her car trip with her daughter, Wyatt, as they were going to see the latter’s father, Ashton Kutcher.

Everything was going well in the 2-hour journey, until for a moment Mila Kunis noticed that the 21-month-old girl was very quiet.

“She was very quiet and I said to myself, ‘Take a look with a mirror to make sure everything is fine’. And I looked, she was very happy there, but she wasn’t connected!” recalls Kunis.

She describes this moment as very intimidating, as she was driving in an highway with a lot of circulation and the girl had no seat belt.

“I got all white,” Mila Kunis says, recalling the occasion. But such a mistake is common in many mothers.

mila kunis

According to studies, one in three mothers forgets to put the child’s seat belt behind. And, in some cases, such oblivion has been fatal. So mom, stay alert on your trips with your kids! /


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