First days at home with your newborn

All new mothers are anxious when going home with the newborn. Some of them have shared their experiences. Although this has been grueling, they were again the most incredible days.

“Nothing feels like it. My newborn baby would make me very tired but I also felt a lot of love ”- Dreigel

“I had no concept of day and night. I’ve been there whenever my newborn baby needed it. I only slept for 2-3 hours ”- Rbusch

“The stage when your newborn baby is young goes by so fast and enjoy them every day” – Chipk

“Breastfeeding is like working for 12 hours in a row. But, again, it’s amazing to see that newborn, little person you created. “- Dunder

“Yes, it was exhausting. But, you can do it and it’s worth it ”- Xiaomin

It is normal if you feel tired and exhausted during your first few days with your baby at home. But if these feelings persist for more than two to three weeks, you may experience postpartum depression which is completely treatable.

Contact your doctor if you feel sad, frustrated, and anxious. / mommytobe


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