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These photos show one of the most precious and memorable moments.  in each woman’s life is to take her little one in her arms.

Childbirth, also known as labor, is the end of pregnancy when the baby leaves the womb passing through the vagina. Birth can be natural or through a C-section.

Most research supports the idea that fathers also should be there when their partner is giving birth. If they are present at such a sensitive moment they will see with their own eyes. There are great challenges in giving birth. These photos witness that. They will understand more about the woman’s body, and they will be more understanding of the whims and pains that the woman may have after birth.

These are just some of the few reasons why fathers should choose to be there on the day they become fathers too.

However, Monet Moutrie took some photos of mothers with their children when they still have the umbilical cord unbroken.

In her career as a birth photographer so far, Moutrie has captured many magical moments of women during labor. She decided to share them for the world to see through her Facebook page.

photos 1

According to Moutrie, a birth photographer likes to see the umbilical cordon still unbroken. This is a symbol of the mother’s connection with the baby.

Indeed, the life-giving cord is the only thing that connects the child to the placenta and then to the mother. Only through the cord does the child receive food that must grow and thrive in the uterus.

photos 2

Through Monet’s photos, you can witness for yourself the beauty and delicateness of birth along with the power of new life and the power of the mother who does everything she can to ensure that her child has a safe entry into this world. That is amazing. /


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