Feelings after pregnancy

Despite the pain of the woman’s experience during pregnancy and childbirth, most mothers are relieved to be informed that they are free from all that pain after birth. Some of them, however, may still experience stomach pain even after birth.

These severe pains are generally a sign of your body going back to normal after pregnancy, but it’s important to understand these in detail.

Reasons why you will have stomach pain

Some of the common reasons why you may continue to have stomach pain after birth are:

1) Pain as a result of cramps

Immediately after birth, the uterus begins to shrink to size before pregnancy. Pains are usually present for some initial days immediately after birth, as the uterus takes about 6 weeks to return to its former position.

2) Pain as a result of constipation

Many women can suffer from postpartum constipation. An obstruction of bowel movements is quite painful, trying to wrinkle, and passing strong, dry feces without feeling completely empty – further contributes to this pain. This is mainly due to elevated progesterone levels or lack of any post-workout physical activity. Some medicines such as anesthetics, hydrocodone, and others can also cause constipation.

3) Pain as a result of cesarean delivery

A cesarean birth comes with its share of the pain that is usually around cuts and internal wounds as they continue the healing process. Resting and lying down are the best ways to reduce pain. The pain relievers suggested by doctors can help alleviate it to an extent. /mommytobe.se


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