Although the title above and all of this study seems clichéd, it is in fact true and very effective. All new mothers will have a simpler day and life if they teach their child a new sleeping routine at birth.

A study in Australia by the National Sleep Foundation has concluded that the earlier a child falls asleep, the more hours he will sleep in the morning and the better the mother’s psychological health.

Researchers have been observing and studying hundreds of Australian families since 2014, who have been questioned every 2 years. This to see, if their harmony and mental state had improved following tips to put children to sleep faster.

Those who followed these rules by putting their children to sleep at 8:30, resulted in happier and lower stress levels than those who had erratic schedules. If you sleep with your toddlers earlier than usual, every night at the same time, your whole life and daily routine will change positively.

One reason your child fails to sleep or wake up several times a night, is because of technological devices such as TVs, tablets, mobile phones or computer games. These devices release a hormone into your children’s body that does not allow them to sleep.

These should be replaced by books and daily activities, so that your baby can move, get tired (but tired of it) and then sleep early and without worries. /mommytobe


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