Proper and physiologically balanced nutrition significantly affects the minimization of disorders during menopause.

This period is generally associated with weight gain and a redistribution of fat from the peripheral to the abdominal type (around the abdominal area). This is also associated with an increased risk for breast cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Menopause means interruption of the menstrual cycle in women, around age 50 and the end of the fertility period.

Menopause diet

The menopause diet includes a variety of foods, low-fat foods, high fiber foods, which help reduce weight and improve digestion. The diets based on the foods mentioned are stocked with calcium that is necessary for the bones. Breathing exercises help minimize hot flashes, anxiety and mood. Also yoga is very relaxing.

Exercising makes you feel free from stress and depression, which can aggravate menopausal symptoms and lead to weight gain. It is simple to eat in menopause. Only three regular meals and one or two intermediate meals are enough.

It is important to stay away from alcoholic beverages, coffee, and spicy foods, as these can exacerbate hot flashes. It is also necessary to try a few foods such as soy milk, nuts, hazelnuts, steaks but not regularly consumed. Drink plenty of water, 6-8 cups a day.

Choose one of these as an intermediate meal – two of which can be consumed daily: A handful of red grapes and a handful of blueberries.

A handful of dried blueberries, apricots, and dried figs. A handful of almonds, a handful of peanuts or nuts. An apple, banana or orange. A small box of fat-free fruit yogurt, if you drink soy yogurt, that is best. A cup of home-made fruit salad.

For breakfast choose one of these: A porridge cup made with soy milk or skim milk, sweetened with a spoonful of honey or a little salt. A large slice of melon and stripped almonds. Two dark toasted risers with margarine and marmalade or low-fat cream cheese. Tasted fish (salmon, sardines, mullet, sea bass) with roasted tomatoes and mushrooms. A cup of grated flour, soy milk or skim milk.

Soy yogurt or other low fat yogurt with a tablespoon of dried fruit. A boiled egg sliced ​​thinly over an integral bread slice. For lunch every day choose one of these foods: Avocado Salad with Ham. Couscous salad, mixed with chunks of greens or couscous with chicory and salmon. Tone potato peel, baked peas, dairy cheese or greens. Wheat pies with chicken, tuna or sliced ​​cheese and salad.

Two small omelet eggs with pieces of fresh greens to taste. Wheat pies with chicken, tuna or sliced ​​cheese and salad. Two small omelet eggs with pieces of fresh greens to taste. Flower broth with cabbage and cheese. One-hand salad pasta or broccoli and egg salad. For each dinner, choose one of these Roasted Salmon Fillets or tuna with potato peas. Sesame and green salad honey.

Boiled lamb with peas. Boiled greens with pasta or rice mixed with pieces of chicken or bacon or eggs. Roasted blueberry, roasted potatoes, carrots or cauliflower. /mommytobe


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