Many women choose to give birth by cesarean section because they do not want to go through long periods of pain and some others do for vaginal aesthetic reasons. But, there is nothing more beautiful than a natural birth when you feel that a new life is coming out of you with your strength.

Below we bring you 4 illustrations of the situation when and how natural birth occurs:

With each contraction in the second stage of birth, the baby’s head appears more at the vaginal opening. The anus and perineum occur from head pressure. This is natural birth.

natural birth

During the natural birth, during the time the baby’s head moves, the stinging sensation is followed by burning as the vaginal tissues lengthen so much that the nerves become blocked. The head eventually comes out.

birth 2

The baby’s head is born down to the rectum but the baby immediately turns to your buttocks to take a good position to help the body take it out. Well, natural birth at its finest.

birth 3

The midwife will remove any fluid or mucus from the baby’s airways. Future uterine contractions are enough to give birth and eventually get out of the baby’s body. This happens during a natural birth.


Natural birth vs cesarean section

If you are doing a natural birth, you’ll need to push harder during contractions and need rest between them. The care team will allow you to sleep in several birthing positions as you feel best. As soon as the baby’s head appears, the doctor will tell you when to push. You can also ask to see the whole process with a mirror so you can see your little one as soon as possible.

If you give birth by cesarean section, the doctor will clean your abdomen and give you as many fluids as possible. You will receive a medicine called anesthesia to numb the pain. It is possible that only part of the body will be numb, but the doctor will give the right advice for this. Your doctor usually makes an incision near the pubic area and continues from the abdominal wall. Natural birth is widely recommended.



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